Event Profile

A perfect Exhibition for your Perfect product, in South Asia…. world’s fastest-growing region! Asia is considered to be the fastest-growing region in the world with GDP growth in the Asia-Pacific region surged at an average annual rate of 6.3 percent & South Asia with 6.4 percent compared with growth of 3.1 per cent in the rest of the world. The real driver of the world economy has been Asia, which has accounted for over half of the world’s growth since 2001.

Asia has 33% contribution to the increase in world GDP. The global economy is continuing its gradual recovery from the financial crisis, with the latest data pointing to a broad-based pickup. However, longer-term Asia is seen maintaining its position as the fastest-growing region. For the Asia-Pacific region, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) projected further expansion for the region’s largest economies. While the developed world gradually recovers from the global financial crisis, Asia has continued to steam ahead and should remain the best performer through the end of the decade, according to BMI Research.

Imports in Bangladesh increased to 465.30 BDT Billion, reaching an all-time high in January of 2019 from 382.25 BDT Billion in December of 2019. Bangladesh imports from source countries more than 67%. By 2030, Asia will account for the largest share of global GDP at around 40%.

Chinese goods are cheap compared to the same standard products of India. China is set to dominate Bangladesh market as the importers here are now shifting from India. China offers goods with a wide price range and importers cling to China due to its easy trade procedure and speedy shipment. As a result, there is a huge opportunity and want for Chinese consumer goods business here in Bangladesh.

Keeping this in view, “CEMS-Global USA has launched a series of an exhibition”, Bangladesh International Trade Fair’ showcasing all products/services from Asian countries with the tourism factors.

The main focus of this event is to provide business information services for importers and exporters including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to make use of trade opportunities in South Asia. Most SMEs in this region only insufficiently utilize their market opportunities as they do not have adequate access to information on market developments, prices, exports, and financial possibilities. Also, with the exchange of useful information & enhancing the Tourism between the member countries the investors will be attracted to these countries & will learn the culture, business perspective as well as the market.

Such an exhibition displaying products/services is necessary to bring the Asian countries together under one roof which would also increase trade and bilateral relations within the Asian nations. Exhibitors manufacturing or representing Asian products/ services/tourism will be able to display/sell their products at the previous editions – to make the people of Bangladesh and South Asia more aware of the advantages of Asian products/ services/tourism and new innovations and technology available for them.

With the great success of the 12 Editions of the ‘Bangladesh International Trade Fair’ 2019 held in Bangladesh, this is where the timing of the `13th Bangladesh International Trade Fair 2020’ has been placed, to showcase the developments of the Asian economies & tourism, their leading products & services to the ever-growing consumer markets of SAARC & ASEAN Countries, whose buoyant domestic demand has surpassed previous barriers.

The “13th Bangladesh International Trade Fair 2020” will be a perfect platform for Manufacturers & Suppliers to showcase their products / services / tourism and the Expo will assemble agents, distributors, importers, trading companies, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, business representatives’ restaurants, of course, the consumers and other bulk purchasers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia & Vietnam.

CEMS USA is organizing the “Asian International Trade & Tourism Expo” series of Exhibition in various countries of Asia with an agenda to make it a growth engine for companies and a strategic move for manufacturers to improve operation in the Asian region; enhance performance and make the exhibitors to differentiate from the competitors to position themselves in this colossal market that they have right between them – “ASIA”.

Bangladesh International Trade Fair is for those manufacturers who are ready to seize the existing & growing opportunities Asia offers…… Asia is looking better all the time.